Science FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our consumers and viewers. Questions and answers cover a variety of topics including citrus juice processing and quality, health and nutrition and analytical techniques used to determine product quality. We thank you, our consumers and viewers for their thoughtful questions, and hope this section will help provide answers to them.

Q1:  How much does a box of citrus fruit for processing weigh?

A1: Boxes of citrus processed are defined according to state law and the weight equivalent of one standard-packed box of citrus can vary from about 85-95 lbs. A standard box of grapefruit represents 85 lbs of fruit, oranges 90 lbs of fruit and tangerines is 95 lbs per box. The standard weight per box does not change with the season. Citrus for processing is no longer transported in common field boxes, but rather in large trailers holding about 500 boxes of fruit &box counts are then calculated by standard weights.


Q2:  Should I remove all ripe grapefruit from the tree or can I pick them as I use them?  Will leaving fruit on the tree have an effect on my next season’s fruit quantity and quality?

A2:  You should be able to pick the fruit as needed until early June or until the flavor or physical condition of the fruit indicates the fruit has ripened beyond your taste preferences. There should be no significant impact on the next year’s crop, in bounty or quality from leaving the ripe grapefruit on the tree —this is nature’s long achieved approach to successful operations. You might experience significant fruit drop as the fruit ripens and mother nature takes her course.  As a word of caution–some grapefruit will undergo a ‘good year-off year’ natural cycle, with regards to fruit quality, size and bounty, and even demonstrate more than a two-year natural cycle.