Mechanical Harvesting

Mechanical Harvesting (MH) and Mechanical Harvesting with Abscission Agent (MH/A)

An efficient, successful mechanical harvesting program is a critical key to the international competitiveness of our industry. For over fifty years, FDOC has funded research to develop innovative mechanical harvesting techniques for processed citrus, with a renewed emphasis in the last 15 years to sponsor both mechanical harvesting and chemical enhancement research and development.

Key Elements of the Program

  • FDOC to serve as Registrant with EPA for an effective abscission agent for use with MH
    • Application for Full Registration of an abscission agent – completed January, 2011
  • Promote the increase in acreage of citrus being mechanically harvested
  • Identify and facilitate the evaluations of improvements, and needs for improvement, of MH equipment
  • Identify and facilitate the required research to support the MH program and determine maximum citrus yields with both MH and MH/A
  • Identify and facilitate the research required to evaluate the economic impact associated with use of MH and MH/A

Maintain strong support by industry