Citrus Processing

The Florida citrus industry is dynamic and evolving, as are many large competitive industries. Fruit juice processing is a major part of the citrus industry, utilizing about 95% of all oranges and 55-60% of all grapefruit.  Processed citrus juices are a commodity in the U.S., and one of the major fruit juices traded around the world.  With the advent of the internet and a global economy new juice processing ventures are appearing around the world. While the common juice extraction techniques have not seen any major transformation in recent years, the incorporation of computer controls and other innovative techniques used within juice processing facilities have been developed to increase efficiency, and to maintain or create an economic advantage over competitors.  Historically, the Florida Department of Citrus has the responsibility to monitor or evaluate these innovations to assure that the product associated with these innovations maintains or exceeds regulatory and quality standards developed by federal, state and local authorities.