Tree Diseases and Juice Composition

Several diseases affect citrus trees. Canker has been present in Florida for several years; however, it has not been shown to have an influence on commercial citrus juices composition and quality. A new disease, called ‘greening’ or Huanglongbing (HLB) has recently been discovered in Florida and historically, in many citrus producing countries. The influence of greening on juice composition has been examined by the FDOC, the CREC/IFAS/University of Florida, and the USDA. Current evaluations have not showed that the disease has affected the composition of commercial juices.

Citrus Disease Research

Citrus disease research seeks to determine the effect of citrus plant disease on the product quality and nutrition profile of citrus fruit and juice. FDOC works with UF/IFAS and USDA laboratories to address this industry-wide issue.

Citrus Greening Program/Research  from UF/IFAS

Disease Research Funding

For the past several years, research funding for emerging citrus diseases has come from ‘box taxes’ self-imposed by the Florida growers. The management of disease funding dollars is now managed by the Citrus Research Development Foundation (CRDF) .