Post-harvest Disease Control

Post-harvest decays of fresh citrus are those that develop during harvesting, transportation, grading, packing,  of fresh citrus. Once packed, further decay events may occur during storage and during the various handling operations required to move citrus fruit from packinghouses to retail stores and the consumer.

Post-harvest decay is one of the most important factors affecting values and the marketing of fresh citrus. The losses of fresh citrus by decay is more costly than those losses incurred at pre-harvest stage because of the added costs for harvesting, post-harvest handling, treatments, shipping and storage. Control of post-harvest diseases is vital for maintaining fruit quality and enhancing shelf life, reducing  losses, and increasing grower’s economic returns.

Ongoing research projects are aimed at the development of an effective and integrated post-harvest disease control systems which includes cultural, chemical, physical and biological disease control approaches.

Florida Citrus Post-harvest Disease Identifications and Their Control Practices 

G. Eldon Brown, Ph.D. “Identification of Diseases, Peel Injuries and Blemishes of Fresh Florida Citrus Fruit