The skin is the largest organ in man, consisting of different layers of epidermis and dermis. Its primary physiological function is to be a barrier between the body and the external environment, protecting against mechanical damage, radiation, toxic compounds and microorganisms. Skin plays a role in the regulation of body temperature and is involved in body water homeostasis — regulation of the body’s inner environment to ensure its stability in response to fluctuations in the outside environment.

Skin is constantly exposed to pro-oxidant environmental stresses from an array of sources, such as air pollutants, solar ultraviolet (UV) light, chemical oxidants, microorganisms, cigarette smoking and ozone. Florida citrus/juices are sources of vitamin C and other bioactive compounds that may have a protective effect against skin disorders/issues. Some of those disorders/issues are a concern during a person’s entire lifespan, including sunburn, photo-damage and skin cancer, each of which may be caused by UV radiation.

Skin Technical Review 2008