Enhancements to FDOC Retail Sales Data

FDOC purchases retail data from Nielsen. For years, Nielsen has been providing estimates of Walmart retail sales based on household panel data. Nielsen recently contracted with Walmart to provide actual scanner data. Consequently, the FDOC has purchased the enhanced data set from Nielsen and FDOC reports have been modified to include the enhanced data, thereby providing the industry with more reliable retail sales data.

In addition, Nielsen has expanded the retail universe to include club warehouse, dollar, and military. The enhanced data provides a greater view of the retail market.

What has changed?

FDOC received 120 weeks of data. Since the enhanced data set incorporates additional channels and actual Walmart data, the new data is not necessarily compatible with historical data. The following reports are affected by these changes:

  • Nielsen Topline
  • Citrus Reference Book
  • Florida Citrus Outlook
  • Economic Indicators
  • Any miscellaneous reports that incorporate Nielsen data

When did it change?

FDOC received the enhanced data set from Nielsen in June 2012 and has incorporated the enhanced data into the existing reports.

How is the enhanced data distributed?

Data is incorporated into existing reports and distributed as usual.

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