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The Florida Department of Citrus is dedicated to providing Florida citrus growers with up-to-date information to support your business needs. We’ve compiled the materials you requested to make this site your most valuable industry resource. Please contact us with your suggestions for additional content.

Economic Research

The Economic and Market Research Department provides Florida citrus growers with up-to-date resources to make informed business decisions. Resources include retail sales trends, processor reports, import and export reports, citrus shipments, outlook information, industry presentations, references and more. Economic forecasts, market dynamics and historical pricing information are also available. Read more...

Domestic Marketing

The Domestic Marketing Department implements a strategic, fully integrated marketing program to grow the market for Florida citrus through advertising, public relations, shopper marketing, foodservice, school and in-state promotional activities. All marketing programs are based on Key Strategic Initiatives and carefully measured and evaluated to ensure they deliver a strong return on grower investment. Read more...

Scientific Research

The Scientific Research section provides updates on our research programs with Florida citrus products. Information is provided ranging from consumer-level nutritional information to in-depth technical reviews of international research related to the health and wellness benefits associated with the consumption of citrus. Efficiency production and handling processes and compliance with industry regulations are also covered. Read more...

International Marketing

Florida citrus is enjoyed and recognized by millions of people around the world for its superior taste and quality. Through its international marketing efforts, the Florida Department of Citrus has been able to educate foreign consumers on the health and wellness benefits of consuming Florida citrus. The Department’s international marketing efforts have resulted in building strong awareness and demand for Florida citrus worldwide. Read more...

Nutrition & Health

The Florida Department of Citrus sponsors and conducts research programs in several areas of health, wellness and nutrition to understand the benefits of incorporating fresh citrus and citrus juices into a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our research efforts are designed to help build a scientifically sound ‘body of evidence’ that supports our understanding of the ways Florida citrus products provide nutritional benefits. Read more...

Accountability Reports

As a state agency, the Florida Department of Citrus is fully accountable to all stakeholders and strives to be open and transparent in all business practices. Information supporting administrative activities is readily available including budgets, contracts, legislative information, policies, progress toward established goals, annual reports and more. Read more...

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    September 20 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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